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Dental Check-Ups & Cleanings

dentist using mirror to check smileHere in Denver, our dental team recommends that patients of all ages attend at least two check-ups and cleanings a year. Even patients with generally good oral health fall victim to unseen damage or a chronic issue, and these routine visits allow Dr. Herman to assess your unique needs and provide personalized recommendations for treatment. Your comfort and wellbeing is important to our long-term staff, and we hope you’ll choose to contact us today to schedule your first appointment.

Thorough Evaluations

The first step towards providing you with the quality care you deserve is to fully understand what your needs are. During regular appointments at our Cherry Creek office, Dr. Herman carefully inspects every aspect of your oral health including the surface of each tooth, gums, and bite. Digital X-rays provide us detailed images of the areas that aren’t accessible to the naked eye. Additionally, we review any past dental work you’ve received from other doctors, particularly the status of existing restorations. Once Dr. Herman has all of this information, he develops a customized treatment plan that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We perform oral Cancer screenings on all of our patients at their dental hygiene appointment.

Revitalizing Hygiene

All smiles have to grapple with the threat of plaque, a sticky film filled with bacteria that’s constantly forming over tooth surfaces. As long as patients diligently brush and floss, this plaque should be successfully removed time and time again – but it’s possible that areas can be missed. If plaque is allowed to linger long enough, it can start to form hard deposits known as tartar that can no longer be cleared away thorough regular means. That’s where our skilled hygienists come in. By thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums, they remove tartar and plaque leaving you with a mouth that feels refreshed.

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